Shelters are available for your next event!

Memorial Park has 5 pavilions available for daily rentals. To rent a shelter or for more information, please call 740-298-2787 or email us at:




The Rotary Pavilion overlooks the Rotary Playground Shelter, Baseball Field and Playground.

Daily Rates:

Weekend and holiday rate: $315.00 plus $25.00 key deposit.

Monday – Thursday Rate:    $150.00 plus $25.00 key deposit.

Friday Rate:                            $185.00 plus $25.00 key deposit

* Refund check for key deposit will be issued upon return of the key.


  • Accommodates up to 175 people
  • Kitchen
  • Large charcoal grill
  • 10 long tables
  • Electrical outlets
  • Lights
  • Fireplace



The Jaycee Shelter is located below the Tennis Courts, next to the restrooms.

Daily rates:

Weekend and holiday rates: $150.00

Monday – Thursday rate:      $75.00

Friday Rate:                              $90.00


  • Accommodates 100 people
  • Large grill located in the center of the shelter
  • 6 long picnic tables, 3 small picnic tables
  • Electrical outlets available
  • Located near the restrooms
  • Paved parking lot
  • Concrete path leading to shelter.
  • Small playground area



The Rotary Shelter – Playground is located above the Playground, across the road from the Rotary Pavilion.

Daily rates:

Weekend and holiday rate: $150.00

Monday – Thursday rate:    $75.00

Friday rate:                            $90.00


  • Accommodates 65 people
  • 9 new aluminum tables
  • Electrical outlets available
  • 2 small grills
  • Close to the Playground
  • View of the Baseball Fields



The child study shelter is located below the Tennis Courts.  It’s the first shelter on the left (closest to the pool) as you enter the Lower Parking Lot.

Daily Rates:

Weekend and Holiday rate: $125.00

Monday – Thursday rate:     $55.00

Friday rate:                              $80.00


  • Accommodates 50 people
  • Charcoal grill
  • 4 long picnic tables
  • electrical outlets available
  • Paved parking lot
  • Located by small Playground area
  • Closest shelter to Swimming Pool



What a great first meet of the season!  The kids did a wonderful job for some of them having very little practice time.

We had very few ‘obvious’ DQ’s and Allison and I tried to talk to each coach to explain what we saw in those cases.  A couple of overall observations:

1 – Backstroke finishes: It displays their inexperience, but the majority of the backstroke finishes were not hand touches.  The swimmers arms were going over the top edge of the gutter and heads were being boinked or the second arm hitting the wall.  This made the relay takeoffs in the medley relays almost entirely illegal.  It carried through to the finishes in the backstroke events which is not illegal but not helpful.

2 – Breaststroke kicks:  There was some very interesting legwork going on during these events.  There is a lot of swimmers to remember about this stroke the first time.  Note: both the arms and the legs must be moving simultaneously in the same horizontal plane and the feet must be turned outward during the propulsive part of the kick.

3 – Finishes in general:  Many are slowing down and gliding into the wall for their finishes.  There is nothing illegal about this from an officials view.  But as a coach you don’t want them potentially losing precious seconds with this habit.  It is a race, not practice.

It’s a delicate balance for us.  We do not want to over officiate at this stage and discourage the new swimmers, but we also do not want them to develop bad habits getting by with infractions. So we will be ‘tightening up’ officiating moving forward.

Looking forward to seeing the kids improve as the season progresses.





The Rotary Shelter is located  at the western end of Memorial Park.  There are stairs leading up to this shelter.  It is not Handicap Accessible.

Daily Rates:

Weekend and Holiday rate: $115.00

Monday – Thursday rate:      $60.00

Friday rate:                              $80.00


  • Accommodates 50 people
  • Large charcoal grill in the center of the shelter
  • 10 picnic tables inside and outside the shelter
  • Electrical outlets available
  • Lights
  • Great view of the Baseball Field